Selected Publications

Ph.D. (Software Engineering)

R. Trimananda, J. Varmarken, A. Markopoulou, and B. Demsky. Packet-Level Signatures for Smart Home Devices, NDSS 2020. [Article][Presentation][Software]

R. Trimananda, A. Younis, B. Wang, B. Xu, B. Demsky, and G. Xu. Vigilia: Securing Smart Home Edge Computing, ACM/IEEE SEC 2018. [Article][Presentation][Software]

R. Trimananda. Internet-of-Things Programmability and Security: On Trusting the Untrusted, Broadcom Foundation Fellowship Student Research Workshop & Symposium 2017. [Poster]

Intel Corp. (Software Validation, Post-Silicon System Validation Engineering)

R. Trimananda, W. Voon, T. Yeong. Integrated Power Management Validation: Toward 5X Velocity in Validation Roadmap, Intel DTTC 2015.

R. Trimananda, Y.C. Kuang. A Software Aided Algorithm Analysis, iEECON 2014. [Article]

R. Trimananda, L. Connor. PG RIT Cafe QA, Intel Validation Summit 2013.

M.Sc. (Circuits and Systems)

M. Gersbach, Y. Maruyama, R. Trimananda, M. Fishburn, D. Stoppa, J. Richardson, R. Walker, R.K. Henderson, E. Charbon. A Time-resolved, Low-noise Single-photon Image Sensor Fabricated in Deep-submicron CMOS Technology, IEEE JSSC 2012. [Article]

M. Gersbach, R. Trimananda, Y. Maruyama, M. Fishburn, D. Stoppa, J. Richardson, R. Walker, R.K. Henderson, E. Charbon. High Frame-rate TCSPC-FLIM Using a Novel SPAD-based Image Sensor, SPIE 2010. [Article]

R. Trimananda. A Hierarchically Pipelined Data Acquisition System for Single-photon Avalanche Diode Array, Master Thesis 2009. [Article]

R. Trimananda, M. Nelisse. The Implementation and Analysis of Low-Power Scheme on a Wireless Sensor Node, ICETC 2011, Internship at TNO in June-July 2008.

B.Sc./B.Comp. (Embedded and Control Systems)

A. Aribowo, R. Trimananda. Parallel Microcontroller AT89C52: Parallel Processing In Embedded-System Application of Robotics, (based on Undergraduate Thesis), National Seminar of Information System (Indonesia) 2006. [Article] - Best paper award


R. Trimananda, C.Y. Haryanto. A Parallel Implementation of Hybridized Merge-Quicksort Algorithm on MPICH, DFmA 2010. [Article]

R. Trimananda. Chromosome Centromere and Chromatid's Banding Identification Using Pattern Vector, ACT 2010. [Article]

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